30 Day Vegan Challenge

Start 2017 off with good, healthy habits.  Join Detroit Vegan Soul and GO! Smoothies for our 30 day vegan challenge and become part of a team of people dedicated to making their lives healthier.  Change your health and transform your body!

How it Works

Our simple choices make it easy to stay on track.  Enjoy a low-sugar GO! Smoothie for breakfast & lunch and choose from delicious vegan options from DVS for dinner.  Join the group and make a pledge to commit to 30 days of healthy eating.  Stay tuned for weekly newsletters for advice on how to stay focused and updates on fun events like food demos.  Visit http://www.gosmoothies.com/ for more information on additional offers.

Are you up for the Challenge?

Simply click below and check the "30 Day Vegan Challenge" box.

Pre-packaged Weekly Meals from DVS

All 30 Day Vegan Challenge Members have the option of purchasing a weekly meal package.  The meal package is NOT REQUIRED  to participate in the program.  This is to provide additional support for those participating; it is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL and only available for those who sign up for the challenge and have received the promotional code for purchase; the code will come by email to each person who signs up for the challenge.  The menu items (listed below) are the same for each week and are packaged for reheating.  There are NO SUBSTITUTIONS and NO EXCEPTIONS to the menu items.


Weekly Menu

  • Coconut BLT in collard wrap with salad and yam fries
  • Grilled Tempeh wrap with salad and red skin potatoes
  • DVS Burger with coleslaw and yam fries
  • BBQ Tofu Dinner
  • Seitan Pepper Steak Dinner
  • Bowl of Okra Stew

Events: (all on Mondays at 5pm)

  • Jan. 2 - Vegan 101 by GoSmoothies

  • Jan. 9 - Cooking Class by DVS

  • Jan. 16 - Juicing and Detoxing by GoSmoothies (6pm)

  • Jan. 23 - Video Screening by DVS

  • Jan. 30 - Celebration (graduation party)

Specials just for 30 Day Vegan Challenge Members

  • Discounted detox package from GoSmoothies

  • Pre-packaged weekly meals from DVS

  • Discounted gym/fitness memberships from Detroit Body Garage and Erika's Trainer

  • Raffle off giveaways: one free detox package, one free weekly meal

  • Discount at "The Natural Market" on Grand River


Living the vegan life right now from GO Smoothies #1


Share/swap your recipes

To share/swap recipes, comment on a post, share healthy living success stories, or simple encourage others to adopt a healthy lifestyle, click sign-in to the right below.  Once you sign in, you can reply/comment on posts, or start your own topic in which others will be able to reply to.

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