Currently, Detroit Vegan Soul does not offer offsite catering.  Catering is available for pick-up only at the WEST LOCATION, and is only available during the days and times that we are open for business.  You must allow 72 hour advance notice for orders.


Wrapped in a whole wheat soft tortilla wrap, cut in half.  Serving is a half wrap per person.  10 serving tray (one choice) - $3.75 per serving

  • Coconut BLT (SF) - Smoked coconut bacon, lettuce, tomato, soy free veganaise and avocado

  • Grilled Tempeh - Grilled Tempeh, lettuce, tomato, red onion and our Cesar dressing

  • Southern Fried Tofu - Southern fried tofu, lettuce, tomato, and ranch dressing

Served on a whole wheat bun, cut in half.  Serving is a half a sandwich per person.  10 serving tray (one choice) - $4.25 per serving

  • DVS Burger (SF) - House-made veggie millet patty, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red onion and pesto aioli

  • "Catfish" Tofu - Cornmeal battered tofu, lettuce, tomato and vegan tartar sauce

  • BBQ Tofu - Tofu with house-made sweet BBQ sauce and coleslaw

Soups and salads

(Great additions to our trays)

$4.95 per serving.  Add grilled tempeh for $1.50 per serving.

  • Sesame Kale - Organic kale massaged in a house-made sesame dressing, sun-dried tomatoes, and sesame seeds (GF, SF)

  • Cesar Chavez - Organic romaine lettuce, capers, rosemary garlic croutons with house-made creamy Cesar dressing.

  • Community Garden - Organic spring mix, cucumber, tomato, carrots, mushrooms and seasonal veggies with house-made garlic vinaigrette dressing (GF, SF)

$3.95 per person

  • Okra Stew - A cup of fresh okra, tomato, onion, and brown rice (GF, SF)

  • Veggie Noodle

  • Tomato Basil

Soul Sides

The following dishes may be ordered by the pan for pick up:
Collard Greens | Beans & Rice | Candied Yams | Potato Salad
Serves 10 - $40

Serves 10 - $60

Cornbread Muffins
$9.95 / Dozen

Grilled Tempeh | BBQ Tofu | Smothered Tempeh | Seitan Peppersteak (over rice)
Serves 10 - from $60-$80



Whole Cakes

  • $55 Flavors - German Chocolate | Snickerdoodle | Carrot | Sock-it-to-Me | Lemon Pound

  • $45 Flavors - Vanilla | Chocolate


  • $65 Flavors (Serves 10) - Peach | Strawberry | Apple Crisp


1 Gallon - $19.95.  Serves 10 .  Serving size is 12 oz.

Hibiscus Punch, Lemonade, Sweet Tea

*Place orders 72 hours in advance. In store pick-up is required on a day that we are open.  If for any reason we are unable to fulfill your order, you will be notified immediately and your money refunded.

In House Catering
Our space is available any Sunday after 5 pm for in house events. Consider us for birthday parties, baby showers, engagement parties, work meetings and other special events on Sunday. Choose from our General Catering Menu. We provide:

-Dinner seating for 34
-Friendly, helpful staff
-Attractive and comfortable space
-Delicious desserts